Soot, Ozone, Methane: Underestimated climate forcers and their impact on climate, health and economy

Workshop in Berlin, 27 September 2012

© Martin Genter/
© Martin Genter/

Approximately 30% of global warming is caused by so-called short-lived climate-forcing pollutants (SLCPs). These include among others soot, low level ozone and methane. Although CO2 is the strongest climate forcer, reducing this greenhouse gas alone will not be sufficient to keep the global warming to the internationally agreed upon goal of 2°C (compared to pre-industrial times). According to a UNEP Study (2011) global warming can be descreased around 0.5°C by 2050 if especially soot and methane emissions will be reduced drastically. In Europe the biggest effects can be reached in the traffic and energy sector since they account for the highest emissions. Measures in these sectors will also reduce the number of 500.000 premature deaths caused by these pollutants.


The workshop on September 27th in Berlin discussed the background, causes and solutions. It was held by the “Sootfree for the Climate” Campaign and the “Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, IASS”. The head of the institute, Prof. Klaus Töpfer, introduced the topis.


Participants of the panel discussion were:

    Dr. Markus Amann (IIASA)

    Dr. Axel Friedrich (International traffic expert)

    PD Dr. Mark Lawrence (IASS)

    Valerie Wilms (MdB Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen)

Facilitation: Daniel Eckold (DUH)


Please finde below the background information and a summary of the workshop (in English).

Videos of the presentations as well of the panel discussion and the PDFs of the presentations can be found here.

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