Air Quality and Climate Change Policies - Seperate or Joint Challenges?

Science-Policy Workshop in Brussels, 21 May 2013

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(c) DUH

This event picks up on the main discussion point of the “Clean Air Everywhere” conference, held in January 2013 with participation of Commissioner Hedegaard and Potocnik - opportunities and challenges of integrated actions against climate change and air pollution.

Within this context, efforts to combat climate change and to improve air quality pursue the same objectives. The identification of potentials for streamlining action can help to make an important step forward. This event aims at elaborating more thoroughly on the potentials, co-benefits, challenges and trade-offs of concerted action in these two sectors jointly with representatives from policy, civil society, research organizations and practitioners.

For more information please find our invitation flyer and background paper below:

More Information:

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Invitation Flyer
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Conference Report in IGAC (International Global Atmospheric Chemistry) Newsletter NO. 50; July 2013
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Lothar Nolte

Svante Bodin

Opening Speech (Svante Bodin, ICCI)
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Mark Lawrence

How air polution and climate change are interconnected - a scientific introduction (Mark Lawrence, IASS)
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Markus Amann

Current and future EU emissions of air pollutants and climate forcers (Markus Amann, IIASSA)
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John van Aardenne

Potentials for integrated evaluation of air quality and climate change related emissions (John van Aardenne, EEA)
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Ken Colburn

Linking air pollution mitigation and energy strategies (Ken Colburn, RAP)
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Pieter de Pous

Potentials for streamlining Air Quality and Climate Change Policies from an NGO perspective (Pieter de Pous, EEB
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Jürgen Resch - Closing remarks